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Little Alyssa N' Me.. by The-Toiletnator Little Alyssa N' Me.. :iconthe-toiletnator:The-Toiletnator 4 2 ((This is what happens when I get an Art block..)) by The-Toiletnator ((This is what happens when I get an Art block..)) :iconthe-toiletnator:The-Toiletnator 4 2 Admin when he was younger... ((Meep :I)) by The-Toiletnator Admin when he was younger... ((Meep :I)) :iconthe-toiletnator:The-Toiletnator 2 3


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I feel so betrayed...((RP Thing))
*Cy-Nitra sat in her owner's room, bawling* How could he leave me and the children...!? *she squeaked, looking down at her plump belly, still crying* What will I do with 6 children... I-I can't take care of them by myself..! *she buried her face into her pillow and cried* I thought he loved me..! I thought our bond was stronger than anything..! how could he do this to me..!? *she lifted her head from her pillow and screamed out in sadness* I want you back, Cy! I can't live without you...!!!! *she choked up her words, crying and hearing Lukebug crawling up next to her. She sniffled and nuzzled her head against his softly, knowing that LukeBug was upset about this too. She looked at her belly again* My children won't see their daddy ever... *she wrapped her tails around her belly, crying again and hugging LukeBug* Why did your daddy leave me..!? *she shut her eyes tightly, crying more* Am I not good enough for him..!? Am I too different for him...!? *she choked on her words again and cou
:iconask-cybug-nitra:Ask-Cybug-Nitra 1 16
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*eye twitches, angry look* Why is it.. That some idiots has to say something like "AMG YOU'RE MY DAD I LOVE YOU DADA! *kawaii derp face that makes you squeal and hug me*" or "NUMBER 1'S MY BROTHER HE'S SO STUPID AND KID'S NEXT DOOR IS SOOO BORING! *Derp and crosses arms, kissing you and hugging you and pushing Number 1 away from me*" Or stupid stuff like that..? *crosses arms, angry anime vein* Numbah 1 DOES NOT HAVE ANY SIBLINGS. NUMBAH 1 IS NOT STUPID, HE'S PROBABLY THE MOST SMARTEST KIDS NEXT DOOR I KNOW. And MY NIECE IS A KIDS NEXT DOOR OPERATIVE THAT I LOVE TO DEATH, SO IS MY NEPHEW, SO DON'T GO AROUND SAYING THAT KIDS NEXT DOOR IS BORING, IDIOT. Also, this "Person" Makes TONS of aaccounts, and she ALWAYS Tries to take MY FRIEND'S HUSBANDS from them. So yeah, thanks a lot for ruining mine and my friend's love lives. :iconfuckyoubyeplz:

((Sorry guys but this is SERIOUSLY Starting to irritate me... If you'd like to know the WHOLE story, note me.))


The-Toiletnator's Profile Picture
Lou Pottingsworth III
The Toiletnator, real name Lou Pottingsworth III, is a pathetically weak and incompetent (being considered the lamest villain in the KND world and see him as absolutely no threat at all.) Toilet-themed super villain who is disregarded as a threat by the KND and considered an embarrassment and liability by other villains, in part due to his ridiculous (even by KND villain standards) motif. He possesses the power to control toilets and shoot toilet paper from his arms, which on occasion has actually been shown to be somewhat effective. In a Comic Story, "Operation: H.I.S.T.O.R.I.E", it is revealed that the Toiletnator is actually Numbah 4's uncle and Mr. Beatles long lost twin brother. His fan-Made Niece is an OC named Alyssa. She belongs to an unknown character that is his long lost Brother or sister.
Hai Gaize! Toiletnator here! *smiles a bit shyly, then shakes head and tries to look more evil* I-I am going to destroy the Kid's Next Door and prove to all the other villains that I am the greatest villain of all! They will all see the true powers of.. THE TOILETNATOR!!!! *slowly puts fists down* I-I may not post that much art on here because I'll be busy trying to prove the other villain's wrong.. And I'm horrible at art like everything else I do...*clears thraot* Anyways.. I may not watch a lot of people, seeing as of how, well, everyone hates me, but I will happily watch fangirl's and fanboy's... Just as long as you aren't a Kid's next Door Agent who isn't just trying to foil my plans again!I do have a crush on someone, but I do not trust anyone to tell... And if you'd wish to do something smutty or anything like that, please note me for the children's sake. :) Thanks. Also I guess you should get to know who my family is... very well! I got my nephew, :iconanycartrp-numbah-4:, and my niece, :iconanycartoonoc-alyssa:. I love Alyssa a bit more because, well, she doesn't run me over with a freaking Shopping cart with a freaking rocket on it! I also got a pet, :iconask-cybug-nitra:. She LOOOVES her husband, :iconaskcy-twitch:, and I think they are ADORKABLE together!!! I am not in a relationship.. nor have I ever been.. Because, well... I haven't told my crush how I felt... But when I do.. I.. I'd really like to start a family... *nervous look, blushing*
((Hey everyone! It's the AdminNator here in the secret's of... My room. =w= I'll try my best to get on, but if not I'm probably at my job. Anyways, I wanted to make a RolePlay account for the least loved villain on CodeName: Kids Next door, the Toiletnator. I loved him when I was younger. I used to pretend he was real and that he always played up in my Treehouse with me. Whenever I went to bed I dreamt of me and him owning the Kid's Next door and beating up the other villains for picking on him. But, I'm older and "Much more Mature" Than that, now. Of course, I lie. I still have those kinda dreams... And some really naughty ones now and then:iconimhappyplz: But, I wanted to show you all that Toiletnator(Or Lou, if I can all him that), is the baddest villain there is! You'll see! you'll all see!... If you watch me, that is... >.>))


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staramybackuplegit Featured By Owner May 24, 2015
i didn't like you at first. but i'm getting used to you
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"um hi.." said softly
" name is jinx swirl. .its so nice to meet you" she said shyly and quietly
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* the little hedgehog bumps into him and looks up at him scared*
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(not sure if this account is dead but,, when I find accounts of my favorite characters I get excited anyway and need to comment in case so)

you're such a cutie aw and I always feel bad for you I just want to jump in the screen and hug you so badly yOU HAVE NO IDEA

I do think you have the potential to be the most powerful villain though even though most people know you now as the worst, you just need more practice C:

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hugs and runs
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Happy Birthday, Lou!! :iconkermityayplz:!!! :iconpartycannonplz: :iconweeeplz:
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um.. can i ask a question?? *had a slightly bored expression on her face*
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